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APORIA - MagSafe Charger Mount for Tesla

APORIA - MagSafe Charger Mount for Tesla

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Compatible for Tesla 3 Y +2021 + iPhone APORIA’s iPhone +12 holder and mount for Tesla +2021 3 & Y is compatible with Apple's MagSafe charger, creating the most convenient way to hold your iPhone on the left side of the driver's seat.

Most Stable Location=Driver's Left Corner This iPhone holder for Tesla 3 & Y is designated for the left corner of Tesla 3 & Y +2021's driver seat. After testing all available Tesla phone holders on the eye level in the market, APORIA came up with this best solution for your iPhone.

Compatible for MagSafe Original Case If you are using a phone case, this car charger will only work with the MagSafe official case. If you do not have this MagSafe phone case, please do not purchase this holder Non-magnetic phone or phone cases will not stay on this mount.

Easy installation + No mark left on Tesla Installation is super easy, watch our video. When you install it with a MagSafe charger, the built-in powerful magnet ring will automatically align your Phone firmly without sliding even on bumpy roads.

360° Rotation + Optimal Viewing This MagSafe mount for Tesla creates the optimal viewing with your iPhone, allowing the 360 degrees rotation both ways: horizontal and vertical and providing the most convenient angle with one-hand operation. Perfect to use with your Google Maps and road navigation app such as Waze, on top of your Tesla navigation.

No Shaking + Steady Charging Unlike other mounts, this MagSafe phone holder for Tesla 3 & Y is firm and stable, providing less shaking on the phone and steady charging. It comes with the latest Constant Closed Magnetic Field technology and anti-Shake stabilizer that does not affect the cellphone signal. It is also equipped with multiple security protection such as device matching protection, overheats temperature, over surge, short circuit, and over current protection