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APORIA - 5PIN 540° Rotating 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Cable

APORIA - 5PIN 540° Rotating 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Cable

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🧲 The 5PIN magnetic charging USB cable boasts a high level of magnetism, making it the strongest in its category. Its unique 540° rotating magnetic head allows for easy maneuvering and convenience during charging, with the head able to rotate 360° in one direction and 180° in the other. This cable is specifically designed to work with APORIA's 5PIN 3-in-1 magnetic charging tips, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

🧲 The cable's wide compatibility with almost all USB-A devices, including mobile phones, tablets, game players, and other devices, makes it a convenient solution for charging all your gadgets with just one smart cable. No longer will you need to carry multiple charging cables for different devices.

🧲 This cable also supports fast charging and data transfer. To enjoy the benefits of fast charging, you will need a fast-charging enabled device, a fast-charging USB wall charger, and the 5PIN magnetic charging cable. It is recommended to use a 5V QC 3.0A current plug to experience the fast charging, which is two to three times faster than 2.4A chargers.

🧲 Each cable order comes with three different tips (1x Type C, 1x Micro, 1x iOS), providing compatibility with a wide range of devices. Additional tips can be ordered separately, allowing you to customize the cable to meet your needs.