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APORIA - 11PIN 1Magnetic Charging Cable - USB Type A, C, and lightning (6-in-1)

APORIA - 11PIN 1Magnetic Charging Cable - USB Type A, C, and lightning (6-in-1)

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[One Cable for All Your Devices] This APORIA special 11PIN 100 watt Magnetic Charging Cable set includes Dual USB A & C to 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Cable, making the first 6 in 1 Cable in the market. It comes with one set of 3 different types of magnetic tips (1x iOS, 1x Micro, 1x Type C), one bullet storage, and one desk stick organizer.

[100W to Charge Laptop & Phone] The one-of-a-kind cable can charge up to 100W, works with various types of devices including Type-C interface laptop computers, tablets, electronics, and phones.

[Fast Charging + Data Transfer] You don't need multiple when choosing magnetic charging, you just need one smart cable that allows fast charging and data transfer (speed up to 480Mbps). These 6-in-1 tips are the narrow type that works great with most phone cases.

[Cable with dual USB A & USB C] The dual USB has a hidden Type C inside allowing USB-C to USB-C charging which makes this unique cable 6-in-1. You will also need a fast-charging enabled device as well as a wall plug that supports 20V/5A, 9V/2A, and 5V/3A, as well as QC 3.0A instead of a 2.4A regular wall plug. For Mac Book charging, please keep using the 61W or 96W USB C power adapter that comes with the computer.