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APORIA - Bullet Storage for Magnetic Charging Tips Storage (Gold/Black/Red/Blue)

APORIA - Bullet Storage for Magnetic Charging Tips Storage (Gold/Black/Red/Blue)

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Effortless Charging experience for all your device. No more losing or forgetting to charge your smartphone or favorite devices just because you did not bring the right type of cables or heads. Get all 4 different colors (Black Red Blue and Gold) of Bullet Magnetic Tips Storage.

You get all four existing colors of bullet magnetic charging tips case. It fits most generation tips except the 10th generations. The bullet is the only case that comes with a metal cover, making it perfect to hang it onto your backpack, inside your purse, keychain, or anywhere you like.

The bullet storage is small but strong, lightweight, and portable. A 4-inch length stainless steel chain is included and already attached for your immediate use. (Size: 2.20x0.55x0.55 inches)