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🌎 Premium compost bin liners & trash bags
🌎 BPI-certified & meets ASTM D6400
🌎 We support CA’s SB1383
🌎 No toxic chemicals
🌎 No“greenwashing” marketing such as “Biodegradable” & “100% Compostable”
🌎 Made from corn waste and cornstarch and contain NO polyethylene.
🌎 Without additives, retains the scent of organic materials & more environmentally friendly
🌎 When composted, bags return to the earth as water, CO2 and rich humus.

🌱 Benefits of Composting
  • Reduces your household 🥗 trash/waste and turns it into organic rich soil for gardening or household plants
  • Saves money 👍 usually spent on buying soil and other gardening aids at stores
  • Almost foolproof 👻 Other soils may cause plants to whither or die but compost soil is the healthiest for your plants and helps them thrive
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